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Gyeonggi-Do Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Wettbewerbsbeitrag
Süd Korea

Zeitraum: 2006
Grundstück: 63.584 m2
Gebäudegrundfläche: 4.721 m2
Bruttogeschossfläche: 5.000 m2

The human evolution tree and its different species / time analogies, are being instrumentalised into a 3 dimensional physical scale: 1,0 meter represents 500.000 years (1m/500.000years). This system is used as a tool to define a new museum typology: an exhibition landscape, which allows visitors to have a unique physical experience of human „evolution steps“ in time.
The new time-scape is being adjusted to the building site topography in the basalt precipice and then covered with a green roof. The volume subordinates to the natural landscape and the basalt precipice becomes visible in the interior side walls.
At the same time the building functions as a threshold between the „outside world“ and the prehistoric excavation site.

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